Sean Beresford

We love getting mixes from Sean.  He has worked with artists from Third Eye Blind, to Vanessa Carlton, to Bob Dylan.  Sean is a gifted and accomplished recording and mixing engineer, producer, and editor.

Sean works out of his own studio:

and out of Hyde Street Studios in S.F.:


Nahuel Bronzini

Nahuel Bronzini is an Argentinean arranger and music producer living in the Bay Area and working with his production company, Studio Burgundio, since 2010. He is a member of the Producers and Engineers Committee for the SF Grammy Chapter and member at large for the AES SF Chapter. Nahuel’s work focuses in the blending of acoustic instrumentation into pop and folk productions, making use of chamber type ensembles such as string quartets and horn sections as a complement to the work of solo artists and bands.

We recommend Nahuel highly as an engineer, producer and arranger!


Patrick Brown - Different Fur Studios, S.F. CA

A champion of San Francisco Bay Area music for more than fifteen years, Patrick Brown took the reins at Different Fur in 2007. In his decade at Different Fur, Brown has served as intern, house engineer, studio manager, and owner.  Brown enjoys the challenge of getting artists from point A to point B, whether the artist is looking to work on songwriting, step up production quality, or simply grab the listener’s attention. Brown has been involved in records for the likes of Toro y Moi, K. Flay, The Morning Benders, and others, as well as presiding over hundreds of sessions and providing a venue for the prolific videographers of Yours Truly.


Grace Coleman - Different Fur Studios, S.F. CA

Grace attended Ex’pression College, and as an intern at Different Fur, brought her multi-instrumental education and experience in home recording to a professional level. Her time behind the SSL has resulted in mixes for both buzzbands and up-and-comers, mixing and tracking both live sessions and full-length albums. Artists she has worked with include The She's, PHOX, Hot Flash Heat Wave, Kid Trails, Courtney Barnett, and Fowler. 



David Earl

David Earl, (Apple Certified Logic instructor and Native Instruments product specialist), is an accomplished Educator, Composer and Producer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. David’s current focus is in video games, where he has composed for games by Microsoft, Sega, LucasArts, and Double Fine. David’s production chops have contributed to Lila Rose, Emily Afton, Metal Mother, Artemis, Dream Theater, Kevin Kern, and many others.  Piper mastered the vinyl release of David's score for the video game Headlander.  Check out his stuff!:


Jared Kvitka

Jared is a Grammy winning and two-time nominated Engineer. He has worked with artists such as Iron Maiden, Joe Bonamassa, Metallica, and Beth Hart, and has worked along side producer Kevin Shirley for over 10 years. In addition, he is an accomplished mixer having worked on various genres from Metal to Blues and mixed music used in movie trailers like Iron Man 3 and Pirates of The Caribbean. Other credits include Dream Theater, Metallica, Tracer, and The Matches. A lifetime musician, Jared enjoys the collaborative process in the studio.


Catherine Vericolli - Five Thirteen Recording, AZ

We get great recordings to master from Fivethirteen in Tempe, AZ.  Catherine Vericolli is owner, engineer, manager, and the one who will most likely talk to you about scheduling, rates, and whatever other questions you may have about booking a project at Fivethirteen. Catherine has headed all console installations and outboard wiring since the studio's first console and 2" machine in 2006, and is more or less an analog purist. She also co-edits and teaches a few classes at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences in her spare time, if you believe in things like 'spare time'.  She recently met with Rupert Neve Designs to discuss their 5088 console - check it out!