Preparing for Mastering

Master Resolutions


Recording Academy Tools, Tips, Guidelines, and Recommendations


• 44-16 Folder - 44.1kHz, 16-bit tracks for CD reference / digital upload where 24-bit aren’t accepted 

• 44-24 Folder - 44.1kHz, 24-bit for Digital Download sites and Mastered For iTunes acceptable (please contact your digital distribution aggregate directly to speak to them about their submission process for accepting MFiT files)

• 48-24 Folder - 48kHz, 24bit. If you are using the songs with video or YouTube, use these

• 96-24 or 88-24 Folder - 96kHz, 24-bit or 88.2kHz, 24-bit Hi-Res Mastered files (HD streaming sites such as Tidal accept these)


Technical Guidelines for Producers and Engineers

Although in many ways the music industry’s transition from an analog to a digital world has increased convenience and creative choices, it has also presented new challenges and problems for those working in the field. This fact has prompted many members of the P&E Wing to collaborate in volunteer committee groups to address these problems and provide solutions.

Visit the website for helpful documentation on technical guidelines, documentation, and more:


We recommend these publications for all things audio engineering:

Tape Op

Tape Op has been printing great interviews, tips, and gear reviews since 1996.  Plus, it's free!  A must-read for any engineer.

Bob Katz: Mastering Audio

This is the definitive book on mastering, and an indispensible resource for anyone working in audio.

Daniel Levitin: This Is Your Brain On Music

A fascinating read by a Ph.D. and top cognitive neuroscience researcher into how our brains interpret music.