Vinyl Specific Mastering & Album Metadata

We at Neato Mastering want to ensure you have a quick and painless journey through getting your vinyl record made. We therefore offer the service of vinyl master specific preparation of your mixes at a few different budget levels.

Mastering for vinyl as a specific format and process is very important to the overall sound quality and technical correctness of your finished records. An incorrect master for vinyl pressing will cause distortions, low volume, noisy lead in/out grooves, compromised stereo image, and just general crappy sound. The vinyl pressing process is expensive and time consuming, so getting the vinyl master right is not something to be taken lightly.

These issues often start with the mixes, so if there is any question that your mixes may not be ready for mastering for vinyl, please let us know and we can help you or your engineer correct for the mastering process. If you don’t have an engineer and need some suggestions, please alert us and we will connect you to the incogNEATO remixing network.

If you are planing on pressing Vinyl through our recommended partner in Vinyl Pressing, Copycats Media, we offer a discounted rate of $50/song for the Vinyl Master. Let us know and we will loop you in directly with them for a quote.

As a complement to the digital masters booking request form, please complete the following form:

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This matters - it will dictate how loud and how much time we can get onto the record. If you don't know right now, or don't care, that's fine... we just need to have a directive to send to the Lacquer cutting engineer.
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Next steps:

When you get your masters back, please proof them to ensure that the information and files we were given match what you want to be on your finished records. Just so you are aware the vinyl masters will sound quieter than the digital masters with reduced bass and top end. These changes are necessary for the record to play back properly on a turntable. Keep that in mind when you listen to them and let us know if you need anything else.