Thank you for 2018 and Piper’s biggest year yet!

2018 was a huge year for Neato Mastering and Piper Payne. We worked with over 200 different artists on over 400 projects. Chris Hughes and Trevor Orriss joined our staff and Jessica Thompson continues to be our partner in Restoration and Archival mastering. We also collaborated with several new studios for remixing work while expanding our services to include vinyl project management through building networks with Piper’s other full-time endeavor, improving quality control in the vinyl industry.

Jonny Rego continues to be the best studio manager in the business and he is available to answer any questions or inquiries about mastering with Neato!

Here’s to another great year and new mastering friendships in 2019!




We like to help people complete their projects.  With a hybrid of analog gear and digital processing, we will help you to achieve your audible vision.  At Neato Mastering, we have a fun and positive attitude, but we are serious about your work.


634 2nd Street, Oakland, CA


10am to 10pm



  • PMC BB5XBD Speakers with custom Bryston Amplificatin

  • All outboard, analog, real time capture mastering chain

  • RADAR UltraNyquist conversion

  • Manley SLAM! Limiter

  • Langevin Mini Massive EQ

  • GML Parametric EQ

  • Piper Payne, Mastering Engineer

  • MCI JH110 Reel to Reel tape machine

  • Basis Turntable with custom VTL phono stage

  • Client Lounge

  • Easy street parking

  • Attended sessions welcome

  • Amazing room

Below, you'll find a few recent projects mastered by Piper Payne and Neato Mastering


incogNEATO: Remix

Disclaimer: Neato Mastering is a mastering house. We are not mixing engineers, and we do not like to master any projects we have a hand in mixing. However, there are many projects that don't fit in the usual "stereo master" realm. These might include electronic music stems, DJ sets, music licensing library submissions, songwriting demos, and touring support. The one thing we do above anything else at Neato Mastering is help with the presentation of your music.

That's why we've started incogNEATO: Remix.

incogNEATO: Remix is a network of remixers, beat makers, and arrangers to help get your project ready for mastering.

Neato Mastering oversees all of the work and connects you with the best person for the job - and it's all anonymous.*

Additionally, this is a service where the Mastering Engineers at Neato Mastering can go a little deeper with your mix consultation before mastering time, without blowing your budget. Ask us for more details.


*Of course, if you want to credit the engineer, you're welcome to! We'll connect you two.