We like to help people complete their projects.  With a hybrid of analog gear and digital processing, we will help you to achieve your audible vision.  At Neato Mastering, we have a fun and positive attitude, but we are serious about your work.


634 2nd Street, Oakland, CA


10am to 10pm



  • PMC BB5XBD Speakers with custom Bryston Amplificatin

  • All outboard, analog, real time capture mastering chain

  • RADAR UltraNyquist conversion

  • Manley SLAM! Limiter

  • Langevin Mini Massive EQ

  • GML Parametric EQ

  • Piper Payne, Mastering Engineer

  • MCI JH110 Reel to Reel tape machine

  • Basis Turntable with custom VTL phono stage

  • Client Lounge

  • Easy street parking

  • Attended sessions welcome

  • Amazing room


Mastering for Singles, EPs and Full Albums

Vinyl cutting and masters

Dialog/audio clean-up