Thank you for mastering with Neato! We want to make sure your project is ready for mastering. We therefore offer a free mix consultation before we master your project. Just let us know if you want feedback or have questions about the mix. Mix revisions after the date of mastering may incur subsequent charges. Please make sure this is your FINAL mix before you send it in for mastering.

If you know you are making vinyl, please also complete this form:

If you want to quickly upload files directly to us, please use this form:


Please note, you will still have to fill out the form below in order to get your project started, and if you have a direct download link from dropbox or wetransfer, you can put that link in below! Please be sure your files are 24-bit wav or aiff files, in whatever sample rate you are mixing at. If you are planning to send us MP3’s, please let us know ahead of time.

Mastering Submission Form

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Billing Address
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Remember, payment is due upon receiving your official invoice. Invoices are sent out upon receiving files for mastering. (THERE IS A LATE FEE OF $100.00 FOR EVERY FIVE (5) DAYS A PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED)
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I have read and understand that there is a late payment penalty of $100.00 for every five (5) days a payment is not made. Payment is due upon receiving your official invoice. (Please check the box below)
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Enter song titles and track order here as well as ISRC and UPC codes (if applicable):
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Please tell us the resolution of the files you will be providing for mastering. We prefer that you supply us with the highest resolution files in order to achieve the best sonic quality.
Please provide us with a Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail or WeTransfer link to your project files. IMPORTANT! Be sure to name the files with the Artist and Track names. If some or all of the tracks' artist (featured, etc.) are different than the album artist, please note that.
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Deliverables Needed *
Please let us know which final deliverables you will be needing. If you are planning on making physical CDs, your manufacturer (in most cases) will require a DDP deliverable. If you are planning on pressing Vinyl (now or at a later time) an additional *Vinyl Specific Master and deliverable is recommended. If you are making vinyl, be sure to tell us what your Side A and Side B tracks are via the VINYL mastering form (link at the top of this page) *Please make sure each side for vinyl is the appropriate length - let us know if you have questions on this.
Date First Mastering Pass Needed *
Date First Mastering Pass Needed
Let us know when you need to hear the first take on your master. Make sure you account for time for any revisions.
Date Final Deliverables Needed *
Date Final Deliverables Needed
Let us know the deadline you need to send in your files for duplication, for example.
Feel free to add any special notes or requests. These could be sequencing and spacing notes, fade-ins and outs, or any other additional project info.
Do you have an official artist website, facebook, twitter, Instagram or other primary social outlets? Feel free to link us to it! We'd love to help promote you and your music through our own social media and website.