incogNEATO: Remix

Disclaimer: Neato Mastering is a mastering house. We are not mixing engineers, and we do not like to master any projects we have a hand in mixing. However, there are many projects that don't fit in the usual "stereo master" realm. These might include electronic music stems, DJ sets, music licensing library submissions, songwriting demos, and touring support. The one thing we do above anything else at Neato Mastering is help with the presentation of your music.

That's why we've started incogNEATO: Remix.

incogNEATO: Remix is a network of remixers, beat makers, and arrangers to help get your project ready for mastering.

Neato Mastering oversees all of the work and connects you with the best person for the job - and it's all anonymous.*

Additionally, this is a service where the Mastering Engineers at Neato Mastering can go a little deeper with your mix consultation before mastering time, without blowing your budget. Ask us for more details.


*Of course, if you want to credit the engineer, you're welcome to! We'll connect you two.